Jonn Herschend on Philip Guston

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Philip Guston, Evidence, 1971. Acquired 1982 Collection SFMOMA Gift of the artist © Estate of Philip Guston

Philip Guston, _Evidence_, 1971


Raised in a Midwestern amusement park, Jonn Herschend is a visual artist and filmmaker whose work explores fiction, reality, and the narrative structures that we employ as a way to explain the chaos and clutter of our everyday lives. He is also co-founder/editor of THE THING Quarterly (along with Will Rogan). More information can be found on his website,

Our One on One series features artists, writers, poets, curators, and others from around the country, responding to works in SFMOMA’s collection. You can follow it here.


  1. chris cobb Says:

    Great stuff John!

  2. jonn herschend Says:

    Thanks, Chris. I hope it answered all your questions.

  3. eleanor hanson wise Says:

    I actually do feel much closer to this painting now.

  4. Tess Thackara Says:

    Imagining a Powerpoint is so much more effective than actually seeing one! I love the way this personal narrative unfolds alongside the painting and the image becomes totally fused with the personality behind the Powerpoint voice. The pacing of the text is also really well done.

  5. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Donald Kuspit re: Guston –

  6. TZ Says:


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