Diary of a Crazy Artist: Sh*t Artists Say

I don’t know how to describe my work.

I didn’t choose to be an artist, my art chose me.

My art is about energy.

Do you have a pirated copy of Photoshop I could borrow?

I would never date another artist.

I would never date a poet, they’re worse than artists.

I don’t need to be able to write about my work, that is for other people to do.

You can’t understand art unless you understand my suffering.

I don’t make my art for the critics.

My art is about space and community.

Was Andy Warhol really gay?

My art doesn’t have to mean anything to be good.

If I have to hear about Chris Burden one more time I am going to shoot someone.

Art is whatever you can get away with.

Painting is not dead, and I will prove it.

Art is not a hobby, it is my life.

I am a conceptual artist.

People might not like my work here, but they will love it in New York.

These days you don’t need to be able to draw.

Miranda July is a genius.

Cremaster #2 is my favorite Cremaster.



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