SECA 50th Anniversary Artist-on-Artist Talks: Maria Porges on Janine Antoni

In conjunction with Fifty Years of Bay Area Art: The SECA Awards, we’ve restyled our weekly in-gallery talks with a superb lineup of past SECA Art awardees. Each Thursday at 6:30 p.m. an artist talks about something on view. Last week, Maria Porges (1992 SECA Art Award) talked about Janine Antoni and her sculpture Lick and Lather:

Janine Antoni, Lick and Lather, 1993-1994

Maria Porges on Janine Antoni’s Lick and Lather.

Maria Porges, _relived/ relieved_, 2011

Maria Porges, _roman.roaming_, 2011


Maria Porges, _Why Are We Like Our Parents?_, 1996


Maria Porges with Janine Antoni’s Lick and Lather


Artist and writer Maria Porges (1992 SECA Art Award) lives and works in Oakland. An assistant professor at California College of the Arts, she likes to read out loud and topiaries unsuspecting shrubbery. Porges is currently represented by John Berggruen Gallery in San Francisco.

Tomorrow night: Shaun O’Dell on Kamau Amu Patton.

UPCOMING SECA 50th Anniversary Artist-on-Artist Talks:

Mar 1: Chris Finley on Vija Celmins
Mar 8: Josephine Taylor on Mitzi Pederson
Mar 15: Jordan Kantor on On Kawara
Mar 22: Rebeca Bollinger on artist TBD
Mar 29: Hung Liu on Rosana Castrillo Díaz

DON’T MISS THESE! Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Talks last 20 minutes and are free with museum admission — which is half-price Thursday eves, or of course, totally free if you’re a member. If you can’t make it into the galleries, check back here on Wednesdays: we’ll record and post the audio to Open Space each week.

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