“How Ya Like Me Now?”

February 24, 2012  |  By
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At the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Found on Facebook


  1. JdP Says:

    Wow, this is a great Hammons piece Charlene. Would love to see where else your chain of images might lead… thinking of “How you Like Me Now” as the point of departure.

  2. Charlene Tan Says:

    Thank you! Sorry for the late response, just getting used to the format. I am scouring the web and the arts for more but please tell me if you have any suggestions!

  3. Brandon Drew Holmes Says:

    So what is the point of this posting? I’m not trying to be an ass, but just kinda at a lost for what it is that you are saying. Especially with it being about race. Are you attempting to speak about an issue, agreeing with Hammons or are you just merely attracted to the work aesthetically?

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