Ai Weiwei Released on Bail after “Confessing to his Tax Crimes” with No Mention of Why the Government Demolished His Shanghai Studio with Bulldozers a Few Months Before He Was Arrested

June 22, 2011  |  By
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Ai Weiwei, _Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn_, 1995

Ai Weiwei was detained for 80 days before being released yesterday: April 3–June 21.

From a Facebook tip by Sarah Hutchinson of the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum via the Hyperalerigic blog via the Chinese news service

Beijing government news outlet Xinhua has just announced that detained Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been released on bail, having confessed to his tax crimes and stated his willingness to pay the taxes he is said to have evaded. “A chronic disease” that the artist suffers from was also a factor in his release.

For more details, take a look at the Xinhua report — it is a Chinese news outlet.

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