Time and a Half for Work-Related Dreams

February 7, 2011  |  By
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SFMOMA staff art show, 2005; © Tammy Fortin


  1. SFMOMA Twitter Says:

    So since I had a dream about posting this form to SFMOMA’s Twitter do I get double double overtime?

  2. Stephanie Syjuco Says:

    I have these dreams but i’m not an official employee. so i can’t even dream of dreamt-of compensation i guess…

  3. Mystique Says:

    A la Inception…..if I have a dream within a dream within a dream…..can I apply for triple compensation? :)

  4. Wendy Says:

    my favorite part is the footnote. noice touch

  5. Kimberly Sikora Says:

    So can I get compensated retroactively..?

  6. miegan Says:

    tammy, this is brilliant. love it!

  7. Bosco Says:

    I love this!

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