Curved Space

These first four images are from a collaborative curatorial project I did with the German photographer Matthias Geiger a few years ago. I’ve always liked this group. Then I heard Michael Arcega speak on Monday night, and he talked about his interest in pidgin languages. He put the Phillipines National Anthem, which is in Tagalog, through a computer Word file to get it “translated” into proper English, which of course came out as a pidgin English. (He then had an opera singer sing the new version). As a NY Times crossword addict, I thought I’d assign myself the task of extending my grouping of photographs in different directions, making a kind of pidgin photography set by Googling in different directions from curved space by changing one letter (apologies to Will Shortz): cursed space, then two: curved spade, then three: cured stare.

Curated selection:

La Scala, Curtain Call for Pavarotti, Ira Nowinski (1983)

Luncheon Over the Cliff, Ignatius Oliverius (1931)

Metro Station, Henri Cartier-Bresson, (ca. 1960s)

Chrysler Gears, Margaret Bourke-White (1929)

Curved space according to science:

The gravity of the sun curves the space through which the Earth travels.

Curved spade:

The spade is the blue field, the curve is the point at the bottom.

Opening a coconut with a curved spade.

Finally, I found this image for “cured stare”:

Sathya Sai Baba, whose stare could cure illness.

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