Fisher Inspired (Part Two)

August 1, 2010  |  By

One Sunday each month I plan to arrange a selection of videos found on YouTube based on a topic of interest. Fisher Inspired (Part One) can be found HERE. This Sunday I present Part Two: Artists from the Fisher Collection.

Brice Marden on Blocks. 1976

Richard Serra. Surprise Attack. 1973

Joan Mitchell. Interview Segment.

John Baldessari sings Sol Le Witt. 1972

Alexander Calder. 1961. Part 1

Alexander Calder. 1961. Part 2

Agnes Martin. Interview. 1997

Chuck Close. Interview. 1978

Willem de Kooning

Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger

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  1. LW Says:

    Some video responses for you… got to Agnes Martin, then ran out of time…

    [Brice Marden] Felt, “Primitive Painters”

    [Richard Serra] The Dead Milkmen, “I’m Not Crazy”

    [Joan Mitchell] “Who Is Gangaji?”

    [John Baldessari] Patrick Ireland – “Vowel Drawing”, 1967. Recorded at Studio PASS, N.Y. Engineered by Connie Kieltyka, September, 1988. (1:07)

    [Alexander Calder] Juliet of the Spirits (clip)

    [Agnes Martin] Yanka Rupkina, “Kalimanko Denko”

    That Agnes Martin interview is great.

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