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My research on contemporary martyr figurines has not turned up much yet, but I will post what I can, when I find more. In the meantime, I’ve found myself in some very strange and interesting places on the internet. In a search for “Gazan martyrs,” I came across this beautiful graphic, illustrating an article by the emminent journalist Rami Khouri on, which reminds me of a Mark Grotjahn painting. nb: I like Grotjahn’s paintings a LOT and I hope he and his other fans will not take offense at the comparison, which is admittedly obvious.

A search that included to word “banned” brought up this image, of an IRA figurine from 1921 (!) that was BANNED from sale on ebay in 2007:

Lastly, for now, another strange find. From the keyword “figurine,” a Royal Doulton mug in the likeness of a Bahamanian Policeman. It was commissioned by Island Galleria, Nassau, Bahamas, and made in 1992 in a special edition of 1000 examples.


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