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June 25, 2010  |  By
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Looking Down on the Lobby at SFMOMA by Pierre Phaneuf

My mom is terrified of walking across the see-through fifth-floor bridge at SFMOMA.

Pierre and his two friends are mighty brave to take this shot looking all the way down to the Atrium below.

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  1. Sean Neprud Says:

    I was at the MoMA last night, and when I walked over the bridge, I looked down, like I always do. Then I got dizzy, unnerved, and freaked out. Like I always do.

  2. BNR Says:

    During my Blindfolded Folded Docent Tour I was anticipating the bridge and its effects minus the view, yet the Fisher Collection was mid-install and the fifth floor was closed. Thankfully “Untitled” (Golden) offered an alternative to “feeling” something!

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