Fisher Inspired (Part One)

June 20, 2010  |  By
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One Sunday each month I plan to arrange a selection of videos found on YouTube based on a topic of interest. My first video segment on the blog will focus on artists in the Fisher Collection and will occur in two parts. For part one I’ve selected three short videos of films that will be shown in the Phyllis Wattis Theater beginning July 1st. View the complete list for “A Portrait of the Artist, or Fisher-Inspired Films” screenings HERE

Dreams That Money Can Buy
Hans Richter, 1946, 96 min., 16mm

The Chelsea Girls
Andy Warhol, 1965, 200 min., 16mm

A Bigger Splash
Jack Hazan, 1974, 105 min., 16mm

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  1. Suzanne Says:

    that Hockney clip is wacky! thanks for these, Brion. I cld do w/o yet another viewing of Chelsea Girls–as great as it is–but now definitely want to show up for the other two…

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