75 Reasons to Live: B. Ruby Rich on Edward Weston

B. Ruby Rich is a film critic, festival programmer, and cultural theorist. More Edward Weston.


Remember the end of Manhattan, when Woody Allen asks himself what makes life worth living? Last January, during SFMOMA’s three day 75th anniversary celebration, 75 people from the Bay Area creative community gave extremely short talks—7.5 minutes or less!—on a single collection work of their choosing. Someone called it ‘manic splendor’—and it was. You can follow the 75 Reasons to Live talks as we post them by checking in here.

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  • Lewis Watts says:


    That was fabulous. I didn’t know that Charis Wilson had left us. I met her once at the Special Collections in the UCSC library. Edward Weston’s photographs of her and Antonioni’s Blow up and the career choices they may have possibly influenced…. All I can say is “ouch”…..

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