Permanent collection, LOL

March 8, 2010  |  By
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I don’t get out much, it seems.

I used to pride myself on being really “with it,” going to shows, roaming the streets in an artistic manner and just generally being on the city’s creative pulse, rah rah rah. Ha! I know now that I am truly out of it because I have missed seeing these awesome stickers plastered in the Mission district along the same time as SFMOMA’s 75th Anniversary shenanigans, but found them on one Steve Rhodes’ flickr site (thank you!). Someone had gotten their hands on a bunch of permanent collection labels and went ahead and added their own DIY sensibility to things. The collection, it seems, has grown to encompass a lot of municipal objects, along with a Judaica sensibility. Total LOL! Lurv it.

Anyone know the backstory? Or maybe some things are better left unattributed…


  1. Johnathan Says:

    I think it’s an add for the Jewish Musuem. I love it though. Cheers!

  2. Stephanie Syjuco Says:

    oh, that would be clever… a museum sponging off another museum and getting more street cred from it. if only! ;)

  3. Vance Maverick Says:

    Searching for “NEMEL” leads to lots more graffiti.

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