Art Work (Part 2)

February 16, 2010  |  By
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Last month I posted a series of Mp3s with the idea of producing of an audio version of the “Art Work” newspaper, inviting readers of the blog to record their own oral recitation of one of the texts (see Some friends got in touch and a few made recordings. I’m posting three more here as a follow-up. I’ll also reiterate the invitation in greater detail below in the form of a mini how-to.

Download > This Is Our Real Job
by Temporary Services
(read by Alison Gerber)

Download > Personal Economy
by Anonymous
(read by Matthew Rana)

Download > Watch Where you Are Putting That Pencil
by Anthony Elms
(read by Patricia Maloney)

Record your own: Using the microphone built into your computer, record one of the texts in a single sitting. If you don’t have audio software (such as Garage Band) you can download Audacity. It’s free and easy-to-use. While recording your reading, if you make a mistake, pause, and start again from the beginning of the sentence (this makes it easier to edit). Then upload the file (without editing) to Yousendit or some other web-based file sharing tool and email the link to:


  1. Steve Lambert Says:

    thanks people, this might be the only I way I access these articles…

  2. Brett Bloom Says:

    Thanks, Joseph, for continuing to work on this!

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