Art Work

Art Work

In support of Temporary Services’ recent newspaper project Art Work: a national conversation about art, labor and economics,  I’ve created the beginnings of an “audio book” version, starting with one of my favorite texts in the publication. I then asked artist Sam Gould to record one of his choosing. You can download them both here. I’ll extend the invitation to anyone who might like to audio record a text from the newspaper, to be added to this post. You can download the newspaper in full here.

Download > Art Versus Work
by Julia Bryan-Wilson
(read by Joseph del Pesco)

Download > State of the Union
by Gregory Sholette
(read by Sam Gould)

Download > Organize! What the Artists’ Union of the 1930s Can Teach Us Today

by Nicolas Lampert
(read by Michael Bianco)

Download > Global Mega-Merger Announced with “We Can Run the Economy” Campaign
by 16 Beaver Group
(read by Elizabeth Thomas)

Download > Epeios, A Sculptor
by Cooley Windsor
(read by Helena Keeffe)

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