7.5 Minutes of Fame

Tete de trios quarts (Head in Three-Quarter View) 1907

Tete de trios quarts (Head in Three-Quarter View), 1907

I’m pretty excited about SF MOMA’s 75th anniversary weekend. The weekend of January 15th through 17th will feature 75 Bay Area artists, writers, & musicians, as well as SFMOMA curators and staff who have been invited to speak passionately about a work of art in the anniversary show. The speaking events are called “75 Reasons to Live.” I’ve been invited to speak and the art piece that I chose was Picasso’s watercolor and gouache drawing from 1907 titled “Tete de trios quarts (Head in Three-Quarter View).” Not long ago, I used to have a postcard of that very same “African period” Picasso drawing thumb-tacked to my wall. I love drawings and this one raised a lot of questions for me, some that I’ve answered and others that remain unanswered. Now I have the opportunity to talk about this drawing inside SF MOMA and in front of an audience. I’ll be talking passionately about this artwork for my allotted 7.5 minutes on Sunday January 17th at 4:30 PM. The weekend’s events are free and so I expect the house to be packed!

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