1001 Words: 12.01.09

December 1, 2009  |  By
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*an ongoing series of individual images presented for speculation and scrutiny, with only tags at the bottom to give context. Because sometimes words are never enough…

do it yourself!


  1. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    “Take My Wife, Please!”

  2. Megan Z Says:

    I was wondering where I could go to divorce from myself. Thanks.

  3. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    you’re my kinda gal M…wire me 5k this evening and I’ll meet you at SFO tomorrow about 9 pm…love ya…

  4. Suzanne Says:

    What is in the left-hand side of the frame? At first I thought it was a towel, now it appears to be a high-backed chair. Fabric covered. Outdoors? Those do appear to be windows. I like both Anytime Weddings AND DIY Divorce. This place likely sees a fair bit of repeat business…

  5. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    NO DIVORCE AMENDMENT FOR CALIFORNIA: http://rescuemarriage.org/2009/10/13/2010-california-marriage-protection-act-psas/

    …it’s the right thing to do…

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