Five Questions: Andy and Kathy

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[Five questions to SFMOMA visitors, artists, staff, or guests.]

Andy and Kathy

Andy and Kathy in the SFMOMA Rooftop Garden

Name/Place of residence/Occupation/Hobby?

K: Katherine, Tampa, Florida. I am an elementary school media specialist. Hobby: reading! What a surprise.

A: My name is Andy, Tampa Florida is our town. I’m an environmental consultant and my hobby is politics.

K: Not the same politics, sadly.

Do you collect anything?

K: Yes, I do. We collect sea shells since we live in Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. We have a lot of beautiful sea shells. I collect tea cups myself. I have a lot of cute little tea cup things. Not creepy tea cup stuff but nice tea cup stuff.

A: I collect rocks, minerals and shells. Not many, but just really nice samples. Things like that.

If you could invite any artist to dinner, who would it be and why?

K: I would pick Mary Cassatt. I just love her work: French Impressionism, it’s just amazing. And she’s from Philadelphia too.

A: I’d say Jackson Pollock. We saw the movie and really liked the way Ed Harris played him. I loved the art and the way it was presented.

K: He has a nice print in his office.

A: Yes, I find it very inspirational.

If you could steal any artwork in the world to have up in your house, what would it be?

A: I wouldn’t do it.

K: I tell ya, I wouldn’t steal it either. Hypothetically, maybe something by Vincent Van Gogh. Obviously I wouldn’t steal the work. Starry Night? Or the Sunflowers?

A: I saw some sketches that Picasso did at the Guggenheim that I thought were amazing. I’d like to have that collection just to look at.

What’s your favorite tool?

K: My KitchenAid mixer. I’m a big cook, a big time cook.

A: I have a lot of different tools. My 6 foot stick tape. I use it for work. You can use it to do some rough surveying too and a lot of site stuff.

K: Not a very romantic answer.

A: Plus my garden edger is really nice.

K: That is a good garden edger, that’s true. EBay, we got a good buy on that one too. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

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