Visible Means of Support: Precita Eyes does Kerry James Marshall

August 10, 2009  |  By
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Surely if you’ve been in the building anytime in recent months, you’ve taken a look at our latest Haas Atrium commission, Kerry James Marshall’s monumental pair of murals called Visible Means of Support. Last February a team of painters from Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center, a community mural organization based in San Francisco’s Mission District, spent two full weeks of long, long days in the Atrium painting the works onto the huge, formerly-known-as-the-LeWitt-walls.

The murals depict Mount Vernon and Monticello, the estates of American presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Half-hidden in the paintings are also depictions of the slaves who supported plantation life. Appropriately, the SFMOMA Tammy-and-Megan team chronicled the muralists’ labors as the project unfolded. Thanks muralists! Thanks team! Thanks Kerry!

[Muralists at work last winter. Poster image: Christo Oropeza.]

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