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Lots of big institutional news this morning: Kenneth Baker in the Chronicle, and Carol Vogel in the New York Times, on the museum’s plans to plan to expand.

A letter to the community from SFMOMA Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Charles Schwab, and our director Neal Benezra, here.

The press release is here.

Think it’s too early to pitch  for a bigger cubby?

Here’s my SFMOMA-related Flickr pick of the week. In the genre of the abject-romantic, my favorite.

time to go to the laundry again soon

And and and, an  awesome video of Sol Lewitt’s last public wall drawing. (At Culture Monster. Via MAN. Days and days ago, at least.)

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  1. Christo (Flacobay) Says:

    I love your “SFMOMA-related Flickr Pick of the week”! This is so DOPE to see the museum from countless visitors’ point-of-view!

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