Jochen Gerz, THE GIFT, installed

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Jochen Gerz was here on Sunday handing out portraits to participants of THE GIFT, and now the portraits are making their way all over town and, one can hope, beyond. We’ve set up a Flickr group for all participants to upload pictures of where and how they’ve installed their “gifts”—do note that participants who sat to have their portrait taken were given not their own picture, but a picture of stranger to take home with them.

Here’s Heidi De Vries, out at the Headlands Sunday afternoon with hers:

jochen gerz, installed
Photo: Aleksandr Vladimirskiy

And the recipient of Art of Participation curator Rudolf Frieling’s portrait made a cell-phone photo essay of Rudolf’s journey “home”:

Rudolf and Friend on Trolley

The rest of this story is here.  More pictures from the closing day giveaway/reception here. A bit more about Jochen Gerz and The Gift here.

**and note: the portrait traveling with Rudolf’s on the cable car (and throughout this journey) is Patrick Hillman, an art student who volunteered as a photographer for the project.***

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  1. shapiro Says:

    this is incredible.

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