Closing weekend of Art of Participation: Things to, um, Participate In

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FREE BEER: 11.20.08Exhibit A: MTAA is going to do their you-voted-it-through performance AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE (We Solemnly Promise That No One Will Get Naked) tomorrow at high noon. Gather yourselves circa 11:45 a.m. in front of the freight elevator on the third floor, where the performance will take place. If you’re not familiar with MTAA, check out Karaoke DeathMatch 100 “This alcohol-fueled blood feud features 50 rounds of sing-along fury (taped live over an 8-hour period with hardly any pee breaks.)”

Exhibit B: At 2pm, following AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE, there will be a panel discussion, led by Ted Purves (chair of the Graduate Program in Fine Arts at CCA & author of book fabulously titled What We Want is Free) on “Social Practice West“.

Exhibit Last: ON SUNDAY: from noon until 5pm, come down for the special closing event for Jochen Gerz’s THE GIFT. During Art of Participation more than a thousand SFMOMA visitors had their portraits taken; a number of those have been on view in the museum during the show. For this special reception, Gerz invites all project participants to return to SFMOMA to receive a framed portrait from the exhibition as a gift to display at home:

The last step is to exhibit your piece of the collection, and document how you display it; I’ve set up a special Flickr group for participants of The Gift to share photos (or videos) of how and where they exhibit the portraits they receive.

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