Seen on the way into the office last week:

December 8, 2008  |  By
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Click through for the larger view. Sorry my badge is in the pic.


  1. Chris Ashley Says:

    So that’s what happened to those rubber bands that were in my pocket.

    On a completely different topic- I have a catalog for a recent exhibition in France of paintings by Belgian painter Raoul De Keyser, in which the painting “Ice Birds” 2007 is credited with being in the collection of SFMoMA. Is it possible to confirm this? Can’t find anything at Thanks a lot.

  2. Chris Ashley Says:

    BTW, the De Keyser painting can be seen at

  3. tammy Says:

    guess what? i’ve seen rubber bands collected in weird places on those stairs too! hanging from bolts, etc.

    i wonder if this has anything to do with the smiley face war?

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