Bruce Conner: 1933 – 2008

July 8, 2008  |  By
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Bruce Conner, Photographic Copy of the Right Hand of Bruce Conner, from the series PRINTS, 1974, Collection SFMOMA, Gift of William Nicolas Conner, Wichita, Kansas

I read with great sadness about the death of Bruce Conner— legendary figure from the Bay Area Beat art scene and one of the most influential of experimental filmmakers. More here, and here, and here. We’ll post more tomorrow.


  1. judy Says:

    why dont you produce a bruce connor retrospective? We want to see his work aggregated and MOMA is best in SF

  2. Rudolf Frieling Says:

    Hi Judy,
    what SFMOMA typically does in such a moment is to put up a painting at our first wall when you exit the elevators on the 2nd floor. That’s how we can act quickly if necessary. You can see one of Connor’s beautiful photo prints from his Angel series now “in memoriam.” A retrospective, however, takes years to plan and there has been a really comprehensive one in 2000 in SF and L.A. (where I saw it). So that doesn’t quite make sense to repeat now. But what we will certainly do sometime in the future, that is to put some of his works in a larger context.

  3. Alex Falstaff Pearson Says:

    i love boys

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