Heavy Lifting

We’ll begin the week with a soothing silent video of the quickly moving (and noisy) Minna Street construction of the soon-to-be rooftop sculpture garden:

This was made by Tim Svenonius, SFMOMA Producer of Interactive Technologies, who says, “On April 30th, a construction crew raised two thirty-two ton girders into position between the museum and the rooftop of the adjacent garage, where a skybridge will lead to the future sculpture garden. I was out on Minna street with nearly two hundred other museum staff people, who were evacuated from our offices, in case a gust of wind sent one of the beams careening into our building to pulverize us all. The vid was shot using a Sony Cybershot, 8.1 Megapixel, and edited (hastily) in iMovie.”
Many pictures of this event here.
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